Seoul Grub

Korean Fried Chicken

at Doraville, Atlanta GA

Hello Chicken is where cuisines of Seoul Chicken meet Atlanta. Styled like the traditional kitchen & dinning room of South Korea, here you can Korean crispy fried chicken and Korean street foods and enjoy the excellent taste of Seoul Grub.
Korean Fried Chicken
Any Chicken $19.99

Fried Chicken

후라이드 치킨

Sweet&Spicy Chicken

양념 치킨

Soy Garlic Chicken

마늘간장 치킨

Half&Half Chicken

반반 치킨

Chicken Hot Wings

10PC $8.99 | 20PC $15.99

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Sweet and Spicy | Soy Garlic | Buffalo Hot | Fried

Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbop

Pick and mix the various ingredients on the hot stone bowl

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